AeroecologyCam AC1 is an optical bio monitoring system that looks upwards into the sky and registers and stores aerial fauna activity. The system was originally developed by Swiss Birdradar Solution AG to obtain reference data for our radar systems. However, as the performance of the system improved further and further it proofed to be an invaluable tool in conjunction with the MR1 as well as an outstanding stand-alone product.

Below are some impressions of the fauna tracked and stored by the AC1 system.

More details about the AC1 can also be found on the procut page.

Continuous Aerial Fauna Monitoring

Detected objects are saved as tracks (image time series) and can then be retrieved with our custom software. View, replay, animate, label or export data for further processing with our accompanying software for offline analysis. Additionally, looking for specific data can be realized by using the filter functionality of the software or by displaying a quick overview over all activity. The data is easy to work with as the relevant parts are already extracted as image series. 

Have a look at the samples below in slow motion (7.5 times slower than real-time). 

Direction and speed information

4k Resolution

4k resolution and combined with a high-quality optical system results in amazing details.

Altitude display

50 Frames Per Second

With 50 frames per second wing beating activity and flight behaviour can be captured giving more in-depth information about species and behaviour. 

MTR Mean per-hour

Real-time Tracking

Flying objects are tracked separately and at the same time. The detected objects are saved as separate tracks in the database. Furthermore, the stored time stamps of the tracks allow to analyze the simultaneous occurence.

Daily migration traffic

Accompanying Software

The accompanying analysis and exploration software can be used on the AeroecologyCam as well as on customer PCs by downloading the data from the AeroecologyCam system. Tools for viewing, filtering, exporting, labelling and further processing are available.

Impressions from the local Avi-Fauna

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