Radar Systems to track aerial biomass

Bio-monitoring in real time

Monitor birds, bats and insects easily and very cost-efficiently with our advanced radar technology. You will receive precise scientific data for mid- and long-term research projects. Solutions made in Switzerland.

Main fields of application

Our radar systems automatically detect, classify, track and report aerial biomass in real time. Therefore they have become invaluable tools for scientific research and environmental assessment. Due to the high degree of reliability and classification accuracy, they have become ideal tools for efficient  protection to the benefit of nature and infrastructure operators, e.g. wind farms.

Scientific research

For researchers and institutes

We offer compact solutions for researchers and institutes to collect scientific data on the movements of birds, bats and insects.

Environmental studies

For environmental consultants

With our radar systems environmental consultants gain insights for environmental assessments and impact studies (pre and post construction).

Birds flying around wind park

Bird activity near wind parks

For wind farm operators

For wind parks we have developed a system that not only monitors high bird activity but can also switch off turbines automatically if needed.

Live Bird Migration in Switzerland

Here you can find an example of current flight movements ( migration and local movements ) of birds measured using our MR1 radar system. The radar detects aerial biomass from a height of 30 to 2000m in a vertical cone of approx. 45°.
More information about the radar measurement method can be found by clicking on the button below.

Our Mission

About Swiss Birdradar Solution AG in Switzerland

We are passionate about what’s going on in the sky. In providing equipment and services for aerial biomass monitoring, we can help researchers and environmental consultants gather valuable insights.

At the same time we can support the acceptance of important infrastructure developments with efficient and effective protection systems, to the benefit of nature and operator. 

By combining many years of experience and sound specialist knowledge with cutting-edge technology partners from industry and research institutes, we  offer user friendly solutions to venture into the unknown.

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