Scientific Publications

MR1 / MV1 Publications

Cecilia Nilsson, Adriaan M. Dokter, Baptiste Schmid, Martina Scacco, Liesbeth Verlinden, Johan Bäckman, Günther Haase, Giacomo Dell’Omo, Jason W. Chapman, Hidde Leijnse, Felix Liechti (2018)

Field validation of radar systems for monitoring bird migration

Journal of Applied Ecology; 2018;00:1–13.

Silvia Giuntini, Juha Saari, Adriano Martinoli, Damiano G. Preatoni, Birgen Haest, Baptiste Schmid, Nadja Weisshaupt (2024)

Quantifying nocturnal thrush migration using sensor data fusion between acoustics and vertical-looking radar

Birgen Haest, Felix Liechti, Will L. Hawkes, Jason Chapman, Susanne Akesson, Judy Shamoun-Baranes, Anna P. Nesterova, Vincent Comor, Damiano Preatoni and Silke Bauer (2024)

Continental-scale patterns in diel flight timing of high-altitude migratory insects

Simon Hirschhofer, Felix Liechti, Peter Ranacher, Robert Weibel, Baptiste Schmid (2024)

High-intensity bird migration along Alpine valleys calls for protective measures against anthropogenically induced avian mortality

Silke Bauer, Elske K. Tielens and Birgen Haest (2024)

Monitoring aerial insect biodiversity: a radar perspective

Yuval Werber, Hadar Sextin, Yossi Yovel, Nir Sapir (2023)

BATScan: A radar classification tool reveals large-scale bat migration patterns

Knop, E., Grimm, M.L., Korner-Nievergelt, F. et al. (2023)

Patterns of high-flying insect abundance are shaped by landscape type and abiotic conditions.

Giuntini S, Tattoni C, Gagliardi A, Martinoli A, Patocchi N, Lardelli R, et al. (2022)

Limnology for the ornithologist: effects of Lake Maggiore water level on migratory flows.

Shi, X.; Schmid, B.; Tschanz,P.; Segelbacher, G.; Liechti, F. (2021)

Seasonal Trends in Movement Patterns of Birds and Insects Aloft Simultaneously

Tschanz, P.; Pellissier, L.; Shi, X.; Liechti, F.; Schmid, B. (2020)

Consistency of spatio-temporal patterns of avian migration across the Swiss lowlands

Liechti, F., Aschwanden, J., Blew, J., Boos, M., Brabant, R., Dokter, A. M., Kosarev, V., Lukach, M., Maruri, M., Reyniers, M., Schekler, I., Schmaljohann, H., Schmid, B., Weisshaupt, N. and Sapir, N. (2019)

Crosscalibration of different radar systems for monitoring nocturnal bird migration across Europe and the Near East

Baptiste Schmid, Serge Zaugg, Stephen C. Votier, Jason W. Chapman, Mathieu Boos and Felix Liechti (2019)

Size matters in quantitative radar monitoring of animal migration: estimating monitored volume from wingbeat frequency

Matthias Schmidt, Janine Aschwanden, Felix Liechti, Gábor Wichmann, Erwin Nemeth (2017)

Comparison of visual bird migration counts with radar estimates

Serge Zaugg, Gilbert Saporta, Emiel van Loon, Heiko Schmaljohann and Felix Liechti (2008)

Automatic identification of bird targets with radar via patterns produced by wing flapping


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